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Our Store Policies

How are we able to ensure you are pleased with your orders from K & D Carvings? Before we actually begin, we will send a computer rendering of your project if it is a custom design. You will be asked to sign-off on spelling, dates, and imagery. This is an opportunity for you to share in the development of your product. If you send us your own imagery, we will let you know in advance if limitations exist and propose alternatives for consideration in those instances. We want you to be happy from the very beginning! Polite and civil communication is expected from both parties. If so, we'll go the extra mile for you, always!


Please know that while we endeavor to ensure every purchase is as perfect as possible, there are aspects to consider when working with wood. Wood has blemishes, imperfections, distinctive grains, etc. This is what makes each piece special and unique. The carvings are artistic, and not every detail will be as vivid as another. We are not responsible for natural occurrences of the wood, designs, paints or stains--only defective, damaged or broken items. If you experience a difficulty with your delivered order, we will provide you with a return shipping label so we can inspect the damaged piece and make appropriate internal adjustments to prevent it from happening again. It also lets us share the defect with manufacturers of various parts. If a clasp, stand or other hardware item breaks, we will immediately repair it for you. If proper repairs cannot be made, we will prioritize a replacement piece be made immediately and shipped to you. We do not provide refunds.


In no circumstance shall the liability for or replacement of the item exceed the original cost of the said item. Prices at the time of the order are honored for the ordered item. Prices are constantly subject to change based on the cost of goods, particularly the cost of lumber, which has recently taken a volatile climb since 2021.


We really think copyright infringement stinks, and we hope you think so too! Most works are our own and fully copyrighted as such. Some designs or portions of designs were produced by others and purchased or otherwise properly acquired by us. We defend those assigned rights just as diligently as our own rights. Send me an email if you have any questions!

Store Policies: Store Policies
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